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What is zElement?

zElement is a web and mobile friendly tool that allows you to transform your data in a visual form, such as charts, graphs, infographics or other forms of Data Visualization. You can customize and publish your charts by embedding a small code fragment into your site, blog or publication.

Your live and interactive chart is mobile friendly and will drive more Web Traffic, Readership and Stickiness in your publication.

Who Would Benefit from zElement?

zElement is for publishing houses, market researchers, academia, scientists, business professionals or anyone working with publishing data.

Why Data Visualization?

Data Visualization tools that can convert raw data from spreadsheets into information that can be taken in at a glance, create charts and graphs that will make for a more effective presentation or provide workers and employees with an easier way to stay informed and up to date about a project can be a terrific resource.

Relying on conventional spreadsheets that may be difficult for workers to understand or that may limit access to important information could be costing your business far more than you might realize.