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The Gem in the South of France: Cassis

Cassis, France
Photo: Courtesy of zElement

Cassis, France

Cassis is the French Mediterranean fishing village, where mostly the locals flock for a vacation. Located about south France this hidden gem welcomes visitors with its pastel color clay buildings peppered around the rocky hills on the turquoise background of the Mediterranean.

What to Eat in Cassis

Boulangerie in Cassis, France
As you explore the narrow cobblestone streets of the old town and walk down towards the sea, the enticing sweet aroma of local boulangeries (Boulangerie Lion Georges Georges)
Boulangerie goods, Cassis

slowly transforms the air into freshly cooked seafood, emitted from the restaurants along the waterfront marina. The crowded boardwalk of Cassis greets you with a large selection of local French restaurants, jammed next to each other, fighting for your attention. You’ll notice, people in the restaurants, as everywhere in France, prefer to be seated outside with their chairs turned to the street, where they can engage in people watching while enjoying their meals and drinks. The local cuisine in Cassis, as much as the dialect of its residents sounds close to Italian. Seafood restaurants are amazing in Cassis, as their used ingredients are made from the fresh Mediterranean daily catch.

Cassis Marina
Photo: Courtesy of zElement


However, if you want the best quality meal in Cassis, but sacrificing the views of the marina, you would need to take a few steps back into the town. I enjoyed La Défonce and Angelina – Restaurant Cassis. If you really need to sit down and enjoy the views, however, I would understand you well. Just grab a drink. Better, ask for the famous local drink – Pastis ( an anise-flavoured spirit and apéritif). You can have Pastis on the rocks or as a cocktail drink – the mix of Pastis with Mint. Now, you’re turning into the local. If you’re not a big fan of anise drinks you can relax, as Cassis is famous for its delicious white and rose French wines. There are many vineyards around the area that produce World class wines. You can stop by or book a wine-tasting tour.

What to Do in Cassis

Cassis is a great destination for the beach vacation. Its panoramic pebble beaches with incredible views of the turquoise-blue Mediterranean water and surrounding hills make this place unforgettable.

Cassis Beach

There are at least 2 official beaches near the village. The larger beach, Plage de la Grande Mer, is located right there in front of the restaurants, near marina. This beach has smaller pebbles and a little more comfortable for your feet, when compared to the larger size pebbles at the other, small beach, Plage du Bestouan. In hot summer days you would need to bring parasol and something to lay on. You can buy these necessities at the local stores.

At Plage de la Grande Mer beach you can rent a kayak (€ 20 for 2 hours) and enjoy exploring the picturesque coast of Cassis.

kayaking in Cassis

Or swim in the turquoise water.

turquoise water of Cassis

Plage du Bestouan beach has a few rocks to jump off, if you’re in the spirit for rock jumping.

rock jumping in Cassis

If you’re in the mood to explore the nature around Cassis, you have to visit the Calanques. These are narrow, steep-walled natural inlets formed in limestone or dolomite. The daily hourly tours are offered at Bureau des guides Calanques Cassis Cap Canaille.

Calanques near Cassis

Whatever you decide to do in Cassis will be a pleasant trip to this southern French Mediterranean town. Enjoy and Bon Voyage!

You have already visited Cassis, we’d love to hear your experience.