skyPatrol, a Pebble Watch App

skyPatrol Pebble Watch App

skyPatrol is a Pebble Smartwatch App that tracks airplanes over your head, in real time.

Use skyPatrol to track planes for fun or hobby.

skyPatrol is becoming an essential tool for airplane spotting enthusiasts.

skyPatrol app available on Pebble Watch App Market.

For more info visit the website, where you can register and enable more features.

At the current version 3.1, the app displays real time information
of airplanes in the sky, based on your location.
On the click of the “Select” button, the app makes a request to our internal
and external APIs to pull information of the available
airplanes in the sky above within the radius
of about 5 miles. The APIs return the following data set:

skyPatrol Flight Info

  • Flight/Aircraft #
  • Altitude (above the see level)
  • Aircraft model
  • Speed (in knots)
  • Airport Origin
  • Airport Destination



If there’s no airplanes in the sky,
the app displays a message with the icon
indicating of such status.


You can now register your skyPatrol app to gain additional services. Learn more…

skyPatrolMenu_screenshotAs skyPatrol app is gaining more users it would be very helpful
to know what kind of features are most desirable to you.
This post could serve the purpose of receiving your feedback.
Please feel free to ask questions from other users
and leave your feedback and any suggestion to improve or enhance skyPatrol.


Warm Regards,

skyPatrol Support

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8 thoughts on “skyPatrol, a Pebble Watch App

  1. Could it be possible to set optionally metrics units instead of imperial?
    Km/m, m. instead knots and feet


    1. Good idea, Javier! We have quite a few users outside of U.S. We’ll work on adding the feature in the next release.

      thank you for your feedback

  2. Dear skyPatrol users,

    We have released a new version of the app, skyPatrol v.4.21. Now, registered users can track their own flights. Visit the site for more info.


    skyPatrol support team

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